Relocation is a time when you need to be positive and inspired to make the most of new opportunities. It should not be an endless list of to-do items, stresses and hassles. For HR professionals, relying on We 4 Expats’ expertise means employees transition with ease into their new assignments. For employees, it means they start enjoying the benefits of their new lives in Amsterdam much sooner.


A Different Approach to Relocation

  • Single point-of-contact: with most relocation agencies, you are bounced between 2-4 agents. With us, one person handles you or your employee’s needs so there is less confusion, miscommunication or lost items and loose ends.
  • Fully-personalised and complete relocation package: At We 4 Expats, we do not just give you or your employee a “to do” check-list. We talk to our clients. We get to know their needs and think outside of the box.
  • From high volume relocations to individual moves We 4 Expats offers the boutique-style service you need and the results necessary to reach your goals. This enables us to plan your move with a specifically designed strategy suited to your schedule and lifestyle.
  • Real estate market master: the rental and property market in Amsterdam is very fast-paced and constantly changing.
  • We quickly advise on what areas will suit personal needs and budgets. We understand the market in the city at any given time.
  • We 4 Expats leverages technology to support the home-finding process. We can provide a remote orientation, advanced home search, expedite check-in and check-out process with the use of electronic tools.

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We are very grateful for the assistance of We 4 Expats team in the search for an apartment in Amsterdam.  We liked the way of operating, focusing the efforts on one client = one consultant principle at a time.  It was very comfortable as they listened well to our needs. It was so handy to benefit from agents experience in Amsterdam and the knowledge of the rental market and neighborhoods.  We were provided with important guidance when it came time to made a bid on a property. Agents personal approach really paid off for us.
As someone who came into Amsterdam for work, I and my father greatly appreciated all the time and effort We 4 Expats gave us. With great effort ending up finding a perfect place in a reasonable price range. It was great meeting Liga and getting all the inside tips about Amsterdam. Maria Fortini Souza
It is really hard to find a property when you’re a student. Liga was a great help and I’m sure that we succeeded only because of her persistence. Bas and Maya