We 4 Expats hands you the keys  to your new life  in Amsterdam


We 4 Expats knows Amsterdam and fully understands the experience of relocating.

Communication is key to good preparation and we will ask you what you want and need from your new life in Amsterdam. We know this is a busy time for you and know there may be questions you may not think off.

We will inform you of all relevant relocation matters, stripping away the hassles and stresses, and ensuring you avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Housing Search

Find your own Amsterdam

Every neighbourhood in Amsterdam has a very different look and feel.

Let We 4 Expats introduce you to the city and explore the different facets of Amsterdam life – from canals and iconic 17th-century houses through to modern architecture and green spaces. Choose the perfect neighbourhood for your lifestyle, family and career, and then we will help you find the home.

It is Simple! Finding a new home and settling into the new community is very critical to the success of an expatriate assignment. Moving into a suitable home will help the expatriate to settle and improve efficiency.

Now step by step how we will find the home for client’s in Amsterdam:

  • Requirement Analysis – through the housing intake form the client can indicate their wishes, demands, budget requirements and other relevant information.
  • We will do the market screening and pre-selection of properties which will match with client’s requirements and at the same time sending out e-mails to all real estate agencies the e-mail with the search of the property with requirements.
  •  Arrangement of viewings with agents and owners.
  • Accompanied property viewings.
  • Preparation/checking of the rental agreement ensuring the client’s interests are protected.
  • Negotiation of rental costs and other fees (add any repairs yet to be done into the rental agreement).
  • Explanation of terms of the rental agreement with all relevant parties and coordination of signatures on the agreement.

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Where to stay during your housing search

Short stay

If you are coming to Amsterdam for a short-stay, it is even more important that you can get settled quickly and minimize the stress!

We 4 Expats ensures you hit the ground running by offering fantastic short-stay accommodation in Amsterdam so you can focus on your housing search. We will help you start getting to know the city and the culture.

This is an important phase in the relocation process. Amsterdam is a seller’s market so do not be surprised by the fast-pace of change on the rentals and property market. We 4 Expats is here to advise you on what areas will best suit your needs and budget.

Please note: short stay rentals are for a minimum of 4 days.

Finalizing housing and utilities

Once you choose your new home we will help you:

  • Written check-in report and preparation/checking of inventory list.
  • Accompany your big move in day, and double and triple check the inventory list, and look over the actual state of the property. This is very important part for the future return of the deposit, or claims of additional payment needed. We will make sure that serious stains, cracks, rips and other damage other than usual wear and tear are reported at check in report.
  • we can even help you arrange utilities (electricity, gas, telephone, internet, etc).

Please note: the minimum rental contract is for 6 months.


We 4 Expats understands the importance of schooling and day care to relocating families.

Tell us what your kids need and we will inform you of all the available options in the Dutch education system and international schooling (public and private).

We can also organise school visits and assist in application procedures.

After the move

We 4 Expats doesn’t consider its job done once we hand you your house keys. To us, the move is just the beginning of a process of adjusting and settling in. Let our range of integration services give you the solid foundation you need to start your new life in Amsterdam. From cultural awareness training, to business English and Dutch language classes, see our Integration page.


We 4 Expats ensures everything runs smoothly and to your satisfaction!

We will be with you when checking-in to your short or long-term housing.

We can help organise utilities, answer any further questions and connect you to a host of relevant services to get you on your way to your life in Amsterdam.


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