I am highly skilled employee

You asked: „I am highly skilled employee. Why would I consider to work in The Netherlands?

We answered: „Apart from beautiful tulips, magnificent windmills, romantic canals, there are some financial benefits also (and we do not talk about attractive salary). If you come to work in The Netherlands, you have extra costs, so called, extraterritorial costs. Your employer may grant you untaxed reimbursement, but he may also provide you with extra 30% of your wage tax-free, which then include reimbursement. This is known as the 30% facility or 30% ruling. For this ruling, it is not necessary to prove expenses. The main reason for such a tax policy is to attract highly skilled professionals which are scarce in dutch job market.

More on it: http://www.iamsterdam.com/en/local/official-matters/highly-skilled-migrants