We 4 Expats hands you the keys to your life in The Netherlands


The Netherlands is home to We 4 Expats and we fully understand the experience of relocating.

Starting with good communication saves a lot of time. That is why we ask you in advance about the requirements for your life in The Netherlands. We know that this is a busy time for you and that there is a lot going on.

We will inform you of all relevant relocation matters, stripping away the hassles and stresses, ensuring you there will be no unpleasant surprises.

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Unique tailor-made house search in The Netherlands.

Home Finding Specialist

Every city in The Netherlands has a very different look and feel.

Let We 4 Expats introduce you to the city and explore the different facets of life in The Netherlands. From the canals in Amsterdam with its iconic 17th – century houses to the modern architecture in The Netherlands. We will help you to select the perfect neighbourhood for your lifestyle, family and career.

We make it simple!

Finding a new home and settling into the new community is very critical to the success of an expatriate assignment. Moving into a suitable home will help the expatriate to settle and improve efficiency.

Now step by step how we will find the home for clients in The Netherlands:

  • Requirement Analysis – through the housing intake form the client can indicate their wishes, demands, budget requirements and other relevant information.
  • We will do the market screening and pre-selection of properties which will match with client’s requirements while at the same time sending out e-mails to all real estate agencies the e-mail with the search of the property with requirements.
  • An arrangement of viewings with real estate agents or owners.
  • Accompanied property viewings.
  • Preparation/checking of the rental agreement ensuring the client’s interests is protected.
  • Negotiation of rental costs and other fees (add any repairs yet to be done into the rental agreement).
  • Explanation of terms of the rental agreement with all relevant parties and coordination of signatures on the agreement.

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Where to stay during your housing search

Tips to minimize costs during your housing search

Staying in a hotel is convenient for a few nights, but for an extended stay there’s nothing quite like having your own fully serviced property. It is a convenient, comfortable, less expensive and it is an alternative to a hotel.

We 4 Expats ensures you hit the ground running by offering fantastic short-stay accommodation in The Netherlands, so you can focus on your housing search. We will help you start getting to know the city and the culture.

This is an important phase of the relocation process. The Netherlands is a seller’s market so do not be surprised by the fast pace of change in the rentals and property market. Our company is here to advise you on what areas will best suit your needs and budget.

Please note: short stay rentals are for a minimum of 4 days.

Finalizing housing and utilities

Once you found your home we will assist you to:

  • Accompany your big move-in day, and double and triple check the inventory list, and look at the actual state of the property. We will make sure that serious stains, cracks, rips and other damages other than usual wear and tear are reported at check-in protocol.
  • Facilitate check-in protocol including a video – not only photos – of the property upon entrance. This part is very important to ensure the future return of the deposit and avoid claims of additional payment.
  • Select those utility providers (water, gas and electricity) who will offer flexible contracts is part of our Settling-in packages. This is crucial as well – to ensure the possibility of cancellation, should you have to move on sooner than planned.

Please note: the minimum rental contract is for 6 months.


We 4 Expats understands the importance of schooling and daycare to relocating families.

Tell us what you require for your children. We will inform you of all the available options in the Dutch education system and international schooling (public and private).

We can also organize school visits and assist in application procedures.

After the move

We 4 Expats does not consider its job done once we hand you the house keys. To us, the move is just the beginning of a process of adjusting and settling in. Let our range of integration services give you the solid foundation you need to start your new life in Amsterdam. From cultural awareness training to business English and Dutch language classes, see our Integration page.

A Different Approach to Relocation

  • Single point-of-contact: with most relocation agencies, you are bounced between 2-4 agents. With us, one person handles you or your employee’s needs so there is less confusion, miscommunication or lost items and loose ends.
  • Fully-personalised and complete relocation package: At We 4 Expats, we do not just give you or your employee a “to do” check-list. We talk to our clients. We get to know their needs and think outside of the box.
  • From high volume relocations to individual moves We 4 Expats offers the boutique-style service you need and the results necessary to reach your goals. This enables us to plan your move with a specifically designed strategy suited to your schedule and lifestyle.
  • Real estate market master: the rental and property market in Amsterdam is very fast-paced and constantly changing.
  • We quickly advise on what areas will suit personal needs and budgets. We understand the market in the city at any given time.
  • We 4 Expats leverages technology to support the home-finding process. We can provide a remote orientation, advanced home search, expedite check-in and check-out process with the use of electronic tools.

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