There is a difference between being a tourist in Amsterdam and everyday life. If you’re not familiar with the region, it’s difficult to work out where you should be looking to live, the facilities and services you need, just how do you find the right way to shops, post office and even doctor. So, you are not alone in a strange place; whatever you need, all you can do is ask.


Accepting a job offer in the Netherlands and thus, starting a new life is exciting! New work colleagues and business commitments can help fill your time and often make it an easier transition than for your spouse or partner. What about the partner? For them, the move may mean giving up their job and moving away from their support network. For you both, it will almost certainly mean some changes in lifestyle too.

Which is why we offer your spouse or partner totally personal, 1-2-1 support.

From practical help with visas, work permits, domestic services, and tax, through to emotional encouragement, getting them excited about the opportunities for them here in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas.


Become an international citizen. We teach advanced international English and cultural skills for non-native English speakers who must speak English at the workplace. Understanding cultural differences and learning to work with them will ease your transition into your new country and improve the quality of your life. In addition, your recognition will lead to a greater appreciation of your own abilities, as well as the talents and skills of those around you. We know from experience that cultural understanding and language fluency are two factors that quickly help you adjust and feel at ease in your new surroundings.

With our training you will:

  • Gain useful insights into Dutch life and culture
  • Improve your English and eliminate communication barriers
  • Build your confidence and enhance your professional life

Business English & Culture Training

Is English your second language? Can you get by just fine in daily conversations but often struggle in a business setting? We offer language and culture training that develop your English while teaching you the basics of Dutch culture. No more grasping for explanations or doubting about how to phrase something in an email. We partner with Projob who knows the best approach to valuable learning and offers relevant knowledge for joining the job market in Amsterdam.

Some topics of Business English

  • Emails and written correspondence
  • Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Small talks and telephoning
  • HR words/interviews

Some topics of Integration

  • What is considered cultural identity?
  • How do we approach making friends, new searches and new business opportunities in The Netherlands?
  • You will learn how to design your personal and business pitches, better understand the corporate style surrounding you and improve your own skills and talents.

– Course duration: A 10-week training for balance and success in a global environment
– Course day: One evening a week, Monday, Tuesday or Thursday
– Course time: 18.00 – 19.30 (attendees can stay up until 20.00 to network)
– Course Location: Amsterdam center
– Course participants: Those with English as a second language
– Course requirements: Attendees must have a minimum English level of B2 to attend the course. esting will be done before the course.
– Maximum group size: 8 – 9
Course concept: The course has two basic elements: Advanced international English and Integration. The 1.5 hour session will be divided into 70 minutes of advanced international English and 20 minutes integration.

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Training programs philosophy

We believe that learning comes easiest when it’s enjoyable. Practising alongside fellow expats, you will find our courses are as informative as they are fun. Through a practical mix of assignments and exercises that are designed to teach you about the intercultural communication you will leave the class with:

  • A deeper understanding of Dutch systems and cross-cultural complexity
  • Better business English
  • Master the basics of effective and intercultural communication
  • Wider career and social horizons

With a maximum of eight people per class, you can be sure that you will get the attention you need to progress quickly. Courses consist of ten two-hour lessons, twice a week, offered in the daytime or evening.

Tailored training

Training is tailored to your needs by addressing each individual’s unique challenges related to advanced language usage. Before the first class even starts, we ask you what you want to learn and how we can best help you succeed. We also ensure that all members of a class are at the same level of English. This means that the classes will challenge but not overwhelm you and ensure that they address all of your most urgent concerns.

You will find an answer to the following common FAQ:

  • How you can become a ZZPer (the Dutch term for freelancer)
  • How to find your way around the city
  • How the Gemeente works
  • What the significant cultural events are to look out for
  • Best practices for networking in Amsterdam
  • How to achieve your goals in the city
  • Where to search for jobs

Now, on to Dutch

Although you can easily survive without it, the only way to become a true “Amsterdammer” is to learn the language. Learning Dutch opens you up to a whole host of professional and social opportunities that would be inaccessible otherwise. Once you’ve mastered English, apply our same proven methods of instruction to Dutch.

Our introduction to Dutch course guides you through the basics of the language. You will begin to get a feel for the grammar and understand the vocabulary in a clear and structured way, with plenty of time for questions and conversation built into each lesson.

We 4 Expats and  Projob

Projob is a staffing and recruitment company who has been helping expats with finding jobs, career coaching and more since 1995. With many years of experience under their belt and a deep understanding of the Dutch system and job market, they are a valuable resource in employment support for you and your partner’s transition into Amsterdam.