Relocation is a time when you need to be positive and inspired to make the most of new opportunities. It should not be an endless list of to-do items, stresses and hassles. For Human Resource professionals, relying on We 4 Expats’ expertise means employees transition with ease into their new assignments. For employees, it means they start enjoying the benefits of their new lives in Amsterdam much sooner.


We 4 Expats ensures everything runs smoothly and to your satisfaction!

When you are moving, it is often the small things which can make or break the process; remembering them all can be quite a struggle as most of the info is in Dutch.

You can depend on our further support with a whole host of issues, including:

  • Visas and immigration
  • Temporary accommodation
  • House finding
  • Parking permits
  • Register your living at the town hall in the municipality
  • Receive your BSN number (personal public service number)
  • Utility connection / disconnection
  • Telephone / Internet / TV connection
  • Removals / furniture rental
  • Domestic staff (cleaners, gardeners, tutors, dog walkers, etc.)
  • Buildings and contents insurance
  • Setting up a Dutch bank account
  • Providing information specific to the property and neighbourhood to help you settle in
  • Healthcare, including how to register with local GP and where the nearest hospitals are.

We can help organise all of this, answer any further questions and connect you to a host of relevant services to get you on your way to your life in The Netherlands.

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We are very grateful for the assistance of We 4 Expats team in the search for an apartment in Amsterdam.  We liked the way of operating, focusing the efforts on one client = one consultant principle at a time.  It was very comfortable as they listened well to our needs. It was so handy to benefit from agents experience in Amsterdam and the knowledge of the rental market and neighborhoods.  We were provided with important guidance when it came time to made a bid on a property. Agents personal approach really paid off for us.
As someone who came into Amsterdam for work, I and my father greatly appreciated all the time and effort We 4 Expats gave us. With great effort ending up finding a perfect place in a reasonable price range. It was great meeting Liga and getting all the inside tips about Amsterdam. Maria Fortini Souza
It is really hard to find a property when you’re a student. Liga was a great help and I’m sure that we succeeded only because of her persistence. Bas and Maya